Prospective students may benefit from reviewing the following responses to frequently asked questions about life at the school of Pharmacy's Shady Grove Campus.


How many students are enrolled into the Shady Grove Campus? 
The Shady Grove campus has space for 40 students per year, for a maximum of 160 students across four years of the curriculum.

What is the admissions process for the Shady Grove Campus? 
The admissions process is the same for both campuses. Once a student is selected for admission, they will initially have a choice of campus preference. Once one campus is full, offers of admission will be made for the available campus. If an applicant wishes to decline admission to that campus, they will be put on a waitlist for their desired campus.

But what if somebody at Baltimore drops out - can I transfer in later? Is there a waitlist? 
Students cannot transfer campuses once they have been accepted. During the application cycle, if a student is offered acceptance into the Shady Grove campus but would rather attend the Baltimore campus, he/she can deny the offer of admission into Shady Grove and opt to go on the waitlist for the Baltimore campus. However, he/she will not be able to reserve the spot at Shady Grove in the event that nothing becomes available at the Baltimore campus. The slot at Shady Grove will be filled by the next person on the waitlist. 


How is the curriculum taught? 
The curriculum for the PharmD program is equivalent for both campuses.  Lectures are held on the Baltimore campus and recorded using Mediasite technology.  Students on either campus can choose to attend lectures at the Baltimore campus or watch the online recording of the lecture.  Lectures are available to view online by 6 p.m. on the day of recording, and students are expected to view recordings within 24 hours of posting.  Content is reinforced with in-person labs, case studies, exams, and other activities at both campuses.  Students are required to participate in these in-person or synchronous activities at their designated campus several times a week. A variety of electives are offered live at both campuses, and several are offered via synchronous or Mediasite technology to both campuses.

I'm officially a Shady Grove student; can I also attend classes at the Baltimore campus?
Shady Grove students are able to attend required lectures in Baltimore as space allows.  However, there are opportunities for special projects, research or electives offered only in Baltimore that are open to students from both campuses.  Labs, case studies and exams will be held at the student’s designated campus.

To what level are faculty available for students? 
Faculty are based in both campuses.  All faculty and coursemasters are available to students via appointments, email, webcam and phone communication.

What type of student will be most successful at the Shady Grove Campus? 
Research indicates that students who are most successful with distance education are those that are highly motivated self-learners. Distance learning students are typically those that need more flexibility in their time, have a real understanding of time-management, and methodical study skills. In the professional PharmD curriculum, there is no room for procrastination. 

Can I work full time since I have the option of viewing the majority of coursework online?
The University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy strongly advises against working full time whether a student is at the Shady Grove or Baltimore campus.  The curriculum is full time and requires time management and dedication in order to be successful.  We advise that students work no more than a maximum of 8 hours a week.

Student Life

What is the campus like? 
The official name is the Universities at Shady Grove. Nestled on 52 acres in Montgomery County, the campus is part of the University System of Maryland and offers more than 60 undergraduate and graduate degree programs from nine respected institutions within the System at one central location. Students attending the PharmD program at the Universities at Shady Grove have the opportunity to interact with students in different programs. Small classes, a friendly and collaborative atmosphere, close interaction with faculty, and a strong record of success are hallmarks of the USG community. The motivated students enjoy many activities outside the classroom, taking advantage of leadership opportunities, social events, and volunteer service. There are additional optional opportunities to participate in events on the Baltimore campus. A virtual tour of the facilities at the Universities at Shady Grove is available.

What social and professional activities are available to students at the Shady Grove campus?
Students are able to participate in many social and professional organizations offered through the Universities at Shady Grove, and our student pharmacists have formed the DC Metro Student Pharmacists Association, which is housed at the Shady Grove campus. Also, students are able to join any of the social fraternities or professional organizations that are available on the Baltimore campus. In some instances, however, this will require the student to travel to Baltimore for activities. Many organizations hold meetings via teleconference between campuses, or broadcast to the Shady Grove campus using synchronous (videoconference) technology.

What services are available at the Shady Grove Campus? 
There are administrators and faculty members who work exclusively at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy on the Shady Grove campus. In addition, the Universities at Shady Grove provides services in areas such as academic support, tutoring, and student activities.

Will there be transportation available between the two campuses? 
For mandatory sessions on the Baltimore campus, transportation between campuses will be provided or reimbursed. For optional events on either campus, students must arrange their own transportation.

What housing options will be available for incoming students? 
There is no on-campus housing at the Shady Grove campus. Housing options include apartment or housing rentals in the surrounding area. The cost of housing is similar in Rockville to what it is in Baltimore City (approximately $1000-1500 per month for a shared apartment or house).