This 2,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility accommodates up to 48 students at a time. It contains a simulation model pharmacy as well as a patient counseling suite.

Students in Practice Lab

The Model Pharmacy

The main model pharmacy consists of a medication order processing area housing 14 order entry terminals, over-the-counter products and robotics. The order entry terminals use order processing software that is representative of current systems in place in practice. Students may also have exposure to new technologies which enhance safe medication practice, such as e-prescribing.

Institutional Pharmacy

The Institutional Pharmacy includes an IV room that supports up to 8 students learning aseptic techniques. One of the hoods has a video camera that allows more students to view the technique being demonstrated in the hood. The institutional pharmacy has a unit dose area, a medication cart, and a Pyxis machine so students can familiarize themselves with the technology available in the institutional setting.

Patient Counseling Suite

This site's patient counseling facilities enable students to practice simulated counseling. These counseling areas are used for several purposes. Students use this area to counsel mock patients on prescriptions processed in the dispensing area. In addition, these interactions can also facilitate medication therapy management sessions with mock patients. These areas also provide the opportunity for students to gain practice with resources related to informatics.