The instructions below were developed to help faculty, staff, and students at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy use Mediasite to record and listen to lectures.

Do's and Don't's for Presenters
Easy steps to increase the quality of your recorded presentations.

Setting Up Your Computer
Requirements and instructions for viewing videos.

Logging In
Instructions on how to log in to view School of Pharmacy videos.

Recording Consent Form

All guest lecturers and presenters should complete a recording consent form and return it to the course master or session organizer.

Lecture Prerecording
Faculty can use this form to request that a lecture be prerecorded in Mediasite.

Lecture Reposting Form
Faculty may use this form to request that a lecture recorded in Mediasite in a previous semester be posted to a future one.

Troubleshooting Playback Issues
Easy solutions for most problems.