Facilities and Laboratory Services

Facilities and Laboratory Services maintains the School of Pharmacy's buildings, labs, and scientific equipment.

In the event of a fire, chemical leak, gas leak, personal injury, or biological or radiation spill and hazard, call 6-711 immediately from a campus phone, or 911 from a normal phone.

For facilities-related issues that require immediate attention, please contact Operations and Maintenance (O&M) at 410-706-7570. For other inquiries related to Facilities, email facilities@rx.umaryland.edu, or call 410.706.7651.

SOP Facilities & Laboratory Services provides the following services:

  1. Assists with renovations/construction
  2. Facilitates campus maintenance of  buildings (including routine surveying of space)
  3. Provides a number of laboratory services including help with the installation of equipment requiring building services
  4. Coordinates Moves
  5. Maintains master room inventory
  6. Provides limited assistance with Event set up
  7. Oversees COOP, Emergency Planning, Safety
  8. Assists with Campus Facilities Master Planning
  9. Liaison between SOP and Campus AES, EHS, O&M Offices