Completing A Supplemental Application

There are a few things our admissions committee needs to know about you that aren't covered under PharmCAS.

Follow these steps to complete your supplemental application:

  1. Complete the online supplemental application. This will ask you for your PharmCAS application number, so you must complete your PharmCAS application before this step.
  2. Submit a non-refundable supplemental application fee of $45

The supplemental application and fee will be available until February 27th at 5pm EST, however your PharmCAS application must be submitted by January 5th. Once we receive these we will update the PharmCAS portal to reflect.

If you are concerned about your application fee, you may contact our admissions office online or by calling (410) 706-7653 or (800) 852-2988 to ensure that your fee and supplemental application have been received.

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