Research Projects

Faculty in the Center for Drug Safety participate in a number of pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacovigilance research projects designed to enhance the safety of marketed medications.

Development of Pharmacoepidemiology Research Methods for Cancer Treatment and Prevention
Weiss Smith (PI)
08/13/08 – 08/12/09
NCI Interagency Agreement/IPA

A Critical Evaluation of Data Mining
Weiss Smith (PI)
06/30/06 – 06/30/08
Funded by PhRMA Foundation

Outcomes, Quality of Care and Costs of Chemotherapy in Prostate, and Lung Cancer
Mullins (PI), Weiss Smith (CO-PI)
10/01/06 – 12/31/08
Funded by Sanofi Aventis

Use and Outcomes of Novel Chemotherapeutic Agents in Colorectal Cancer
Mullins (PI), Weiss Smith (Co-Investigator), Ilene Zuckerman (Co-PI)
10/01/06 – 12/31/08
Funded By Sanofi Aventis

Housing First: Baltimore Homeless Services, Inc./Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Linda Simoni-Wastila (PI)
03/01/07 – 09/29/11
UMB evaluation sub-contract

Comparison of fluticasone/salmeterol to anticholinergics for the treatment of COPD in Medicare HMO and Long-Term Care (LTC) patients: utilization and cost of health services.
Linda Simoni-Wastila (PI)
Funded by GlaxoSmithKline

Prescription Drug Abuse in Adolescents and Young Adults
Linda Simoni-Wastila (PI)
National Institute on Drug Abuse

Impact on Medicare Part D on Medication Use, Adherence, and Health Status Among Mentally Ill Medicare Beneficiaries
Linda Simoni-Wastila (PI)
Research Retirement Fund

COPD Prevalence, Medication Use, and Potential Cost Offsets for Elderly Medicare Beneficiaries
Linda Simoni-Wastila (PI)

Decision Science, Outcomes Research, and Other Disciplines to Support Decision Making
Francis Palumbo (PI) Linda Simoni-Wastila (Co-PI)

Health care utilization and spending among a commercially-insured population using antipsychotics: the influence of drug characteristics
Linda Simoni-Wastila (PI)
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Center for Minority Health Services Research
Ilene Zuckerman (PI) Linda Simoni-Wastila (Co-PI)
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Creation of the 2004 MCBS IDA and PME Analytic Files
Linda Simoni-Wastila (PI)
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Frequency of Medication Usage in the Pediatric Population: A Comprehensive Data Analysis and Report
Julie Zito (PI)

Achieving Maximum Value from Prescription Drug Coverage of Medicare Beneficiaries with Chronic Disease
Ilene Zuckerman (Co-investigator)
Commonwealth Fund

Treatment Patterns, Outcomes and Costs across various cancer sites
Ilene Zuckerman (Co-investigator)

Predictors of Adherence to Medications in Patients with Hypertension
Ilene Zuckerman (PI)
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation