Below are a number of educational resources designed by the Lamy Center to help caregivers and families manage care for the older adults in their lives.

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ElderCare Patient Education Series

  • Alcohol: Friend or Foe?
    This two-page brochure offers some quick facts about alcohol, including how the use of alcohol can affect an individual's health and how certain medications be affected by alcohol consumption.
  • How to Select Your Pharmacy and Pharmacist
    This two-page brochure outlines important factors to consider when selecting a pharmacy and provides a list of helpful questions to ask each time you visit the pharmacist.
  • Medicines and Travel
    This in-depth pamphlet provides valuable tips and information for individuals who need to travel with their medications, including how to store certain medications and steps to take in the event of an emergecy.
  • OTCs: Over-the-Counter Medicines
    Download this helpful guide to learn more about over-the-counter medications, including tips for reading medicine labels and talking with your pharmacist.

"Know Your Medicines" Patient Education Series

The following helpful guides provide quick facts about the condition indicated, as well as steps that caregivers and family members can take to ensure that the older adults in their lives are using medications related to those conditions safely and effectively.