Dr. Frank J. Slama Fellowship Fund
Established in April 1996 from the estate of Lillian Slama, in memory of her husband, Dr. Frank J. Slama, this fellowship supports one or more annual award(s) for graduate students studying medicinal chemistry and/or pharmacognosy.

Jerome and Mitzie Holen Schwartz Graduate Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Established on January 13, 2005, by Jerome Schwartz, BSP ’49, and Mitzie Holen Schwartz, BSP ’49, to provide support for a graduate fellowship in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences to pursue research related to understanding Alzheimer’s disease and other related cognitive diseases.

H.A.B. Dunning Fellowship Fund
This fund was first established from annual donations beginning in 1930 and endowed in 1963 by bequest to the School of Pharmacy from Dr. H.A.B. Dunning, a distinguished alumnus of the School and prominent Baltimore manufacturing pharmacist. This fellowship is open to promising graduate students doing research in pharmaceutical chemistry.

Centennial Research Fund
This fund was established in 1946 with contributions from the Centennial Research Fund campaign launched in 1941 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the School of Pharmacy. The students who receive this fellowship do research in the following fields: pharmacy, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, microbiology, and pharmacognosy.

Dr. Frank J. Slama Endowed Fellowship
Established in 1996 by Lillian Slama in memory of her late husband Dr. Frank J. Slama. This fund is to support one or more annual awards for graduate students.