Library Awards

David M. R. Culbreth Fund
Established in 1943 by bequest to the School of Pharmacy from Dr. David M. R. Culbreth, former professor in the schools of Dentistry, Medicine, and Pharmacy. The income is to be used for purchasing new books in the field of pharmacy.

Blanche A. Kach Fund
Established in 1946 by bequest from Blanche A. Kach. The income is used to maintain the August Kach Memorial Library at the School of Pharmacy.

Faculty Library Fund
Established in 1937 from profits received from the sale of books, weights, and instruments to pharmacy students. The income is to be used to purchase books, pamphlets, journals, and other publications for the School of Pharmacy library or museum. It is also used to defray the expenses of publication of research or other bulletins of the School of Pharmacy.

Dr. Frank J. Slama Fund
Established in 1975 by Lillian Slama in memory of her late husband Dr. Frank J. Slama. This fund is to provide funds to maintain a medicinal chemistry and pharmacognosy science room, library or laboratory.