For general questions related to experiential learning, call (410) 706-2432 or email


Agnes Ann Feemster, PharmD - Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Science Assistant Dean
Agnes Ann Feemster, PharmD, BCPS
(410) 706-7150

Responsibilities: Program oversight
Mark Brueckl, RPh, MBA Assistant Director
Mark Brueckl, RPh, MBA
(410) 706-8347

Responsibilities: Site visits, preceptor development, and Academy of Preceptors Dinner and Continuing Education Program
Joanna Lyon, PharmD, MEd, MHS Clinical Pharmacist
Joanna Lyon, PharmD, MEd, MHS
(410) 706-1495

Responsibilities: Site visits and preceptor recruitment and development
LaTia Few, MBA Senior Program Specialist
LaTia Few, MBA
(410) 706-7118

Responsibilities: Operations oversight-lottery, evaluations, site agreements, and honorarium payments
Nathaniel Thomas, BA Office Manager
Nathaniel Thomas, BA
(410) 706-0773

Responsibilities: Scheduling, scheduling changes, and IPPE 203