Information about the Experiential Learning Program's (ELP) yearly process for assisting rising fourth-year student pharmacists with rotation selection is provided below.

For more information about the rotation selection process, please contact ELP at (410) 706-2432 or


  • Coordinators meet with third-year student pharmacists to discuss the School's clinical track program and special rotations.
  • ELP requests availability from IPPE 100 preceptors.
  • ELP schedules second-year student pharmacists for their first on-site session.
October ELP schedules second-year student pharmacists for their second on-site session.
November ELP meets with students about APPE rotations.
Late November to Early December ELP requests availability from ALL preceptors.  

First Monday in December
  • Interested students email application packet to ELP and clinical track program.
  • Students send rank list to ELP.
  • Pathway directors send ELP a list of students in their pathways.
  • First-year students' rotations are released to preceptors and verified.

Applications for special rotations due. These applications vary for each program:
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Eli Lilly
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • National Association of Chain Drug Stores
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Kaiser Permanente (various options, including community, ambulatory care, transitions of care, etc.)
  • Korea-Contemporary Pharmacy Practice
  • Australia-Renal ICU
  • Puerto Rico-Ambulatory Care (APPE 456)
  • Teaching Elective
  • Research Elective
  • Legislative Rotation

  • Clinical track programs send rank list of desired students to ELP and provide summary feedback to ELP on students not preferred.
  • Kaiser Permanente student requests due.
Late December ELP summarizes clinical track information and conducts match process for sites.
Early January ELP sends match list to individual clinical track programs.

  • Clinical track program and/or ELP notifies selected students of site match results.
  • Clinical track Students' preferred APEX and APPC selections due to site by 5:00 p.m. the next business day.
  • ELP provides overview on available rotations to ALL students (Maps).

Late January
  • ELP receives assignments from sites for all clinical track students and hand slots (pre-enters) into RXPreceptor
  • RXPreceptor availability submission closes January 31.
  • Pathway students' preferences due to program director.

  • Research center is opened.
  • Clinical track students receive rotation assignments directly from site.
  • Pathway students receive rotation assignments from ELP.
  • First-year student pharmacist rotations released to students.

Late February
  • ELP meets with students about rotation selections (Maps)
  • Research center closes; selections open.
  • Clinical track students select last rotations via RXpreceptor.
  • All students make rotation selections in learning management system (RXPreceptor).
Mid-March Rotation lottery and optimization is completed.
March-April Quality assurance check for all rotation assignments.
Early April Student rotations released to preceptors and verified.
Mid-April Student rotations released to students.
April Orientation for APPE and IPPE courses.