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Attendees of the 113th Convention and Trade Exposition with our Advisor.


Student Organization

The goal of our organization is to promote independent pharmacy with the intent of increasing student awareness of its advantages, encourage newly practicing pharmacists to pursue pharmacy ownership, and support the already established positive image within the public.

Owning a pharmacy is an opportunity to take what you have learned in school and apply it in a manner that is entirely up to you.  Being an independent pharmacy entrepreneur is about having the freedom to not only conduct more patient-centered pharmacy practice, but also to provide unique services that will better serve your community.  The true value of an independent pharmacy is seen in the millions of patients that benefit from the service and personal relationship that they receive.

National Organization

"NCPA represents the nation's community pharmacists, including the owners of more than 24,000 pharmacies. The nation's independent pharmacies, independent pharmacy franchises, and independent chains represent a $98 billion marketplace, dispensing nearly half of the nation's retail prescription medicines."

"For more than 100 years, NCPA has fought tirelessly to advance the business and professional interests of independent community pharmacists and their patients on Capitol Hill, at the White House, before federal agencies, and in state houses across the land. NCPA is a respected and forceful advocate in the corridors of power, known for its ability to quickly mobilize the grassroots voice of its members and the patients they serve. NCPA is the only national pharmacy association solely committed to protecting the interests of community pharmacists and their pharmacies."


Regional and National Leadership Opportunities

NCPA has developed a section devoted entirely to pharmacy students. It is called NCPA-Pharmacy Student Entrepreneur Section (NCPA-PSES). This is your chance to interact with the independent pharmacists who lead NCPA and the profession. Interested applicants must be present at convention to apply, and applications are due January 15. We are looking for eight students to serve two-year terms, the first as a member of the NCPA Student Regional Council (SRC) and the second as a member of the NCPA Student Leadership Council (SLC). Meet the current leaders, see the map of the NCPA Student Regions, and learn how to apply.

NCPA Summer Internship

Discover the fast-paced life of policy-making, professional and third-party affairs, membership services, and more at NCPA's headquarters in our nation's capital. We would like you to apply to serve on the SRC if you're interested in this internship. See the Regional and National Leadership Opportunities for more information about our leadership positions.

NCPA Elective Experiential Rotation

Here's an opportunity to work inside the only national association representing independent community pharmacy, NCPA. You'll gain an understanding of the importance of a national pharmacy association to the profession and become more aware of the vast opportunities in independent community pharmacy practice.

NCPA Executive Residency in Association Management

This program is a springboard into a career of association work that will provide you with distinction as a future leader in the health care field.