The email below was sent from the dean to faculty, staff, and students at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy on Aug. 13, 2020.

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Dear faculty, staff, and students,

I want to make sure everyone is aware of and understands several major announcements made by UMB over the last few days.

All faculty, staff, and students (PharmD, PhD, and MS students):

  • You must register for SAFE on Campus, even if you will not be on campus anytime soon.

After a pilot initiative with UMB researchers, use of SAFE on Campus is being expanded to all faculty, staff, and students. SAFE on Campus is a COVID-19 symptom monitoring platform that requires each of us to log in every day to report any symptoms we may be having. Using this platform is also a necessary effort to reduce the chances of someone inadvertently coming to campus with the virus. You will receive an email from campus this week with a link to register for the platform. Those faculty, staff, and students who registered and used the system during the phased research re-entry must re-register with the new link they receive this week. For those of us who will not be on campus, you can pause the daily symptom monitoring feature for up to three months. If you are visiting campus briefly to drop off or pick up items, etc., you will need to use SAFE that day for symptom monitoring. More instructions and information will be coming to you from your program coordinators and/or departments with instructions for enrolling in SAFE on Campus.

Faculty, staff, and students coming to campus after Aug. 17:

Given the School of Pharmacy's virtual format for the fall semester - both for academic programs and for teleworking - the numbers of our employees and students who need to be tested are limited. But there are faculty, staff, and students who will be on campus for a variety of reasons, such as research, patient care, and essential operations. Anyone who has already been on campus and anyone coming to campus for the first time needs to be tested as soon as practical. Students living in on-campus housing will receive or have already received information about testing from campus housing and/or student health.

Click here for a list of testing sites.

The exception to this mandate is those of us who may need to stop by campus for a brief period of time (less than 15 minutes) to pick up or drop off items, etc. No test is needed for this type of visit.

Those faculty, staff, and students who completed the UMB COVID-19 Research Safety course as part of the phased re-entry for research do not need to complete the new course. While those employees and students who will not be on campus are not required to complete the training, I encourage you all to take it as a means of educating yourself on limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Faculty click here
Staff click here
Students click here

UMB has created helpful resources on these two new initiatives. Click here for information on the mandatory COVID-19 testing. Click here for information on SAFE on Campus.

The School of Pharmacy will be primarily virtual for the fall semester; this is a decision I and our School leadership made in early June in order to allow us all time to adequately prepare for the fall. With the fall semester beginning for all schools on campus over the next few weeks, there may be additional people on campus. My hope is that by limiting the number of School of Pharmacy faculty, staff, and students present, that we are doing our part to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and to protect ourselves and our School community.

Please continue to use our online COVID-19 FAQ form to submit any questions you may have. We will do our best to answer and post them in a timely manner.

Please continue to stay healthy and safe.

In the spirit of expertise, impact, and influence,

Natalie D. Eddington, PhD, FAAPS, FCP
Dean and Professor