The Department of Pharmacy Practice and Science strives to improve health care through innovation, collaboration, and advocacy to achieve excellence in pharmacy education, practice, and research.

Strategic Plan (2018-2021)
Practice Critical Goal:

  • Deepen our practice partner relationships, achieve practice cross-coverage, and increase advanced practice opportunities for students and residents.
Environment Critical Goal:

  • Enhance overall faculty and staff satisfaction and retention by optimizing morale.
Education Critical Goal:

  • Prepare doctor of pharmacy students as engaged critical thinkers and self-directed learners.
Pharmapreneurship Critical Goals:

  • Influence the development of laws and regulations to increase the market for pharmacist services.
  • Establish a framework and process for ongoing evaluation of new opportunities as well as leveraging existing successful models.
Research Critical Goal:

  • Be known in the market place as a leader against which others are measured in practice innovations and clinical research.