Richard D’Ambrisi, AA, CPhT, is a certified pharmacy technician and instructional specialist at the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC). He recently completed the PharmTechX Program at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.

Richard D'Ambrisi in the Classroom

Richard credits the PharmTechX Program’s in-depth lessons on patient management with helping him take his career to the next level. Continue reading to learn more about his experience in this online practice-based certificate training program designed to prepare experienced, highly-qualified pharmacy technicians for advanced clinical practice and leadership roles within their organizations.

What motivated you to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician?

Before becoming a certified pharmacy technician, I was employed in the pharmaceutical supply industry. I found the additional knowledge and training that I gained as a pharmacy technician enhanced my career potential as related to working with prescribers and pharmacists. In my current role at CCBC, I engage daily with students who are preparing for certification and new careers in pharmacy technology. I work with them in the classroom as well as in the lab, and even provide individual tutoring as needed. Seeing my students get excited and become successful in their new careers as pharmacy technicians is truly the most rewarding part of my job.

What attracted you to the PharmTechX Program at the School of Pharmacy?

I consider myself a lifelong learner, and am always looking for new training opportunities that will help further advance my current knowledge and skillset. When I received a postcard advertising this program at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, I was immediately interested. The School of Pharmacy has an outstanding reputation in the pharmacy profession, and I knew that the program would be beneficial for me.

How would you describe your experience in the program?

My experience in the PharmTechX Program was very positive. As someone who has previously taken online classes, I was able to quickly adapt to the learning platform and curriculum requirements. The program offered a wealth of valuable content written by experts in the field, and I was able to receive continuing education credits and certificates to further enhance my professional portfolio. When I had questions, the program’s faculty and staff were very responsive, providing me with multiple resources, constructive feedback, and other tools to help track my progress. You truly experience a real return on your investment.

What valuable skills or lessons have you learned in the program that will help you advance your career?

Some of the most valuable skills that I acquired during my time in the PharmTechX Program involve patient management, such as learning how to record a medication history, taking steps to ensure medication safety, understanding the importance of error reporting and error reduction, managing a team with different personality types, and gaining the skills to effectively assist pharmacists during transitions of care. Learning how to handle sterile personal protective equipment was also very valuable.

What is your advice to prospective students who might be interested in enrolling in the program?

Before applying to this program, I recommend that prospective students take time to investigate whether online learning is an appropriate format for their individual learning styles. I also encourage them to be open to exploring new learning opportunities and methods. If you think online learning is for you and you’re interested in advancing your career as a pharmacy technician, I would have no reservations about enrolling in this top-notch program.