As the field of regulatory science expands, the MS in Regulatory Science program is helping to meet the increased need for qualified professionals in this area.

Current Student and Alumni Perspectives

Watch this three-minute video to hear current students and alumni from the MS in Regulatory Science program at the School of Pharmacy discuss their experiences in the program and why the program might be a good fit for prospective students.

Explore the profiles below to learn more about the experiences of alumni who recently completed the MS in Regulatory Science program at the School of Pharmacy.

Terrence Clemmons

Terrence Clemmons

Terrence received his bachelor’s degree from Towson University, where he majored in psychology, with a minor in chemistry. He currently works as a human research protections administrator for the research protections division in the Office of Naval Research, where he manages the division team as it fulfills its responsibility for oversight of Navy and Marine Corps commands that conduct research involving human subjects.

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Phuong Kwan, MS '15

Phuong Kwan

Phuong received her MS in Regulatory Science from the School of Pharmacy in 2015. She currently serves as associate director of quality operations for Grifols Biological, Inc., and credits the program with helping her leverage her scientific background, experience, and education to streamline pharmaceutical processes without jeopardizing the safety or efficacy of drug products.

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Tracy McCarroll

Tracy McCarroll

Tracy earned her bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from North Carolina State University. She currently works as a senior quality engineer at Biogen IDEC, and hopes to gain a solid understanding of the history of regulations, how drugs are developed, and the standards surrounding good manufacturing practices through her enrollment in the MS in Regulatory Science program.

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John Montgomery John Montgomery

John received his bachelor's degree in international relations from San Francisco State University. He currently serves as the director of quality risk management for Good Clinical Practice in Research & Development at Biogen, Inc., and has a great interest in the public policy aspects of regulatory science, particularly as they relate to the challenges and potential public policy solutions designed to address antimicrobial resistance.

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Kimberly Updegraff Kimberly Updegraff

Kimberly earned her Bachelor of Science in pharmacy from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. She is a registered pharmacist in the state of Maryland and currently works as a regulatory project manager for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), where she hopes to become more involved with developing regulatory policies.

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Shay Wingate Shay Wingate

Shay earned his bachelor's degree in environmental science from North Carolina Central University. He developed a strong understanding of the importance of safe delivery and production of products at Merck Pharmaceuticals, where he currently works in vaccine manufacturing.

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