Deciding to become a pharmacist is an investment that will pay off. Students within the School of Pharmacy receive about $10.5 million of financial aid each year. About $1 million of that amount comes from grants and the rest come from loans.

Please remember that each student’s situation is different and awards are individualized, so the level of need and the amount of aid varies from student to student.

Financial Aid:

Financial aid packages for students often include a combination of loans, grants, scholarships, and work-study designed to meet students’ needs. To qualify for aid, students must apply annually and meet the eligibility requirements. Students must complete the required financial aid application forms and are encouraged to do so by mid-February. For more information and application forms, visit


Through the generous gifts of alumni, friends, and professional associations, the School provides additional financial aid to its full-time students who are in need of support. Students apply for these awards, and awards are given to those students who can document unmet financial need through the student financial aid process.