The Center offers its trainees a number of opportunities to pursue an executive education and fellowships. Learn more about available opportunities below.

Executive Education and Fellowships

Executive Education and Fellowships:

Through its education programs, CTM trainees will be ready for challenging positions in industry, government, and academia. Using the rich resources of the academic departments at the School of Pharmacy and the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business, the CTM will create inter-professional teams for each of its projects. Team members have expertise in areas such as formulating a drug, elucidating pharmacology, diagnosing a patient, designing a trial, evaluating pharmacoeconomics, and calculating the net present value.

The CTM is committed to providing executive educational and fellowship opportunities for professionals at varying levels of leadership in their respective industries.

For more information on these programs, please contact Joga Gobburu, PhD, MBA, FCP, center director and professor of pharmacy practice and science, at or (410) 706-5907.

Executive Training:

The CTM's executive training program will prepare individuals to assume challenging leadership positions in private and government institutions. Trainees will be exposed to both organizational and project level topics related to translational medicine. Different organizational models and their effectiveness will be reviewed. Trainees will also master topics related to establishing pharmacometrics groups with respect to expertise, IT infrastructure, policies and procedures, and building inter-disciplinary rapport. On a project level, training will include developing the skills needed to ask business-related questions, designing analysis, preparing the team, and developing strategic communications plans. Government trainees will receive special coaching on understanding government-industry relationships, insights into creating regulatory policies and guidances for industry, and application of pharmacometrics to drug approval, labeling, trial design, and regulatory research.

Post-Doctoral Training:

Graduates from a variety of backgrounds related to medicine, statistics, engineering, pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences can benefit from post-doctoral training in quantitative translational medicine and pharmacometrics. Training will be tailored to meet individual needs.