The Center offers a number of opportunities to pursue additional training as part of the LEAP program. Learn more about LEAP and available opportunities below.

Executive Education and Fellowships

LEAP Program Overview:

The Leaders in Pharmacometrics (LEAP) program is a multifaceted approach to pharmacometrics and clinical pharmacology training. This program offers both industry-sponsored fellowships and trainee-specific events focused on networking within industry and career development. The LEAP program has 4 primary initiatives:

  1. To provide trainees with the quantitative knowledge to maximize the use of all information available in an effort to optimize trial design, inform dose selection, and define therapeutic targets
  2. To foster a deeper understanding of regulatory aspects pertaining to drug development
  3. To assist clinical pharmacologists in developing their skill set and knowledge to plan, perform, and interpret pharmacometric analyses
  4. To establish an environment conducive to intellectual growth and scientific development in the pursuit of advancing the field of pharmacometrics

Throughout the many endeavors of the LEAP program, CTM trainees will be ready for challenging positions in industry, government, and academia. The Center is committed to providing such opportunities for professionals at varying levels of leadership in their respective industries. For more information regarding the LEAP program, please contact Allison Dunn at

Industry-Sponsored Fellowships:

Industry-sponsored fellowships offer a unique opportunity to train both in an academic and industry setting. Fellows will finish this experience feeling confident in both their understanding of pharmacometrics and their ability to communicate concepts to those within and outside the field.

The training objectives for this experience can be summarized by the following:

  1. To offer individualized training based on the scholar’s prior experience and personal goals
  2. To explore pharmacometric concepts and the role pharmacometrics plays in clinical pharmacology
  3. To gain hands-on pharmacometric research experience
  4. To further develop the methods necessary to communicate the significance of pharmacometric analysis findings to fellow colleagues and clinicians

We asked two of our current trainees, Dr. Shams Ismaeil and Dr. Masato Fukae, about their experience:

As a visiting scientist from Daiichi Sankyo, I have the opportunity to learn how to apply cutting-edge analysis techniques, such as AI and ML, to the global drug development process.

Dr. Masato Fukae, current CTM-Daiichi Sankyo Scholar & Pharmacometrician (2022-2024)

Through the Gilead-UMB Fellowship program, I’m gaining hands-on experience to advance my skillset in PKPD modelling in a supportive, motivating and enriching academic environment.

Dr. Shams Ismaeil, current CTM-Gilead Fellow (2022-2024)


Post-Doctoral Fellowships:

Graduates from a variety of backgrounds related to medicine, statistics, engineering, pharmacy, and pharmaceutical sciences can benefit from post-doctoral training in quantitative translational medicine and pharmacometrics. The focus of this training is tailored to meet individual needs.