ICP-MS: Identification and Quantification of Metal Ions in Biological Samples

The Agilent 7700 ICP-MS, housed in the Mass Spectrometry Center located on the 7th floor of Pharmacy Hall, provides a means to quantify metal ions in biological samples. Two modes of measurement are available:

  1. Semi-quantitative
  2. Quantitative

Semi-quantitative mode can be utilized to identify all of metal ions that are present in a biological sample. Quantitative mode provides an accurate quantification of a specific metal ion in a biological sample. Compatible samples for ICP-MS include:

  • Small inorganic molecules and inorganic drugs
  • Nanoparticles
  • Proteins
  • Cells, tissues, plasma, and serum
  • LC-ICP-MS is also available for the simultaneous separation and quantification of proteins from biological samples.

For queries regarding LC-ICP-MS method development, please contact Sarah Michel, PhD, professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (PSC), at smichel@rx.umaryland.edu.