The Bruker SolariX ESI/MALDI-12T FT-ICR mass spectrometer provides a versatile ionization platform, ultra-high resolving power, and numerous gas-phase dissociatoin techniques.

This mass spectrometer is equipped with:

  • Mass resolving power (RP) in excess of 1,000,000.
  • FT-ICR technology providing unrivaled mass accuracy.
  • 12 Telsa, superconducting, refrigerated, and ultrashielded magnet.
  • Wide range of gas-phase dissociation techniques, including in-source collision induced dissociation (CID), CID, sustained off resonance irradiation (SORI) CID, and multiple electron-based techniques including ETD, ECD, and EID.
  • ESI, APCI, and solid state API ionization probes.
  • MALDI source with Smartbeam II laser.