The Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy has nearly 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical formulation and the production of tablets and capsules.

Under the direction of Stephen W. Hoag, PhD, the GMP facility has assisted researchers from the University of Maryland, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), large and small pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and suppliers of chemicals and excipients with a wide range of projects. The facility houses fully equipped, modern research laboratories for analytical, preformulation, and formulation research; in addition to suites for non-clinical manufacturing research and development, as well as some GMP manufacturing capabilities.

Several past projects have included collaborations with the University of Maryland School of Medicine's Maryland Psychiatric Research Center, where staff from the facility performed quality control testing on products to be used in clinical studies, and the Cochrane Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Field. All facilities are available for use by all personnel working on projects.