Projects are billed on a per hour basis. The cost of each project is determined by how much management time and technical services time is required to complete the project.

The GMP facility offers four main services: GMP manufacturing, analytical services, certified analysis, and drug product development. The management fee covers the cost of project management. The technical services fee covers the total cost of the technical aspects of the project, including setup and documentation, disposables, labor, typical material costs, and equipment usage fees. The hourly rates for these services are listed below.

Service UMB Rate ($/hr) Outside UMB Rate ($/hr)
Management Services*
165 215
GMP Technical Services
84 109
Analytical Services 100 130
Development Services** 90 117
Certified Analysis*** 270 350
Certified Measurements*** 345 450

* For cases where material costs are not typical, additional fees may be required.

** The Development Services fee structure is designed for short-term, narrowly defined projects. For long-term, open-ended projects, a grant or contract with UM would be a far more cost-effective solution. Please contact the GMP facility director for details.

*** Certified Analysis and Measurements are performed in situations where all aspects of the data must have complete tractability, such as presenting study results in a court of law.

For More Information:

To initiate a project, please contact Stephen W. Hoag, PhD, professor and director of the GMP facility, at (410) 706-6865 or Once the facility has a detailed understanding of the project, an accurate price estimate can be sent out.