The Tablets & Capsules Hands-On Short Course at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy will offer 10 different lab experiences.

Explore the information provided below to learn more about what to expect during each unique lab experience.

Lab 1A: Material Characterization (Particle and Powder Properties)
Presenters: Ting Wang, Myke Scoggins, and John Elter

  • Particle size determination using sieving and laser diffraction
  • Powder surface area
  • Roller compaction ribbon envelop density
  • Powder true, tapped and bulk density

Lab 1B: Material Characterization (Thermal and Spectroscopic Properties)
Presenters: Sophie Peng, Dean Stuart, and Erica Hirsch

  • Thermal analysis of polymers and drug substances
  • Determination of coating polymer TG
  • Identification of drug substance polymorphic forms
  • Spectroscopic identification of raw materials

Lab 2A: Particle Engineering (Roller Compaction)
Presenter: Tim Smith

  • Interplay between parameters such as roll pressure and roll speed and finish product quality
  • Process Control
  • Ribbon milling and particle size

Lab 2B: Particle Engineering (Spray Drying)
Presenter: Debra Repko Smith

  • Spray drier setup and operation
  • Formation of solid particles via spray drying
  • Effect of process and formulation parameters on particle size

Lab 3A: Particle Engineering (High Shear Granulation)
Presenter: Tim Smith

  • High shear granulation
  • Liquid addition and granule particle size
  • Impeller speed and granule quality
  • Granulation endpoint

Lab 3B: PAT Applications in Fluid Bed Granulation
Presenters: Jacky Lin and Robert Swart

  • Fluid bed setup and operation
  • PAT (NIR) methods for moisture content and granulation endpoint determination

Lab 4A: Tablet Compression
Presenter: Robert Sedlock

  • Press setup and operation
  • Compression and speed profiling us software
  • Tablet hardness and compression pressure

Lab 4B: Tablet and Bead Coating
Presenters: Jacky Lin and Robert Swart

  • Pan coating of tablets
  • Fluid bed coating of multiparticulate beads
  • PAT (NIR) methods for monitoring coat thickness and curing

Lab 5A: Capsule Filling
Presenter: Vikas Moolchandani

  • Capsule filling machine setup and operation
  • Influence of processing conditions on plug formation and product quality
  • Influence of formulation variables on plug formation and product quality

Lab 5B: Quality Control (Tablet and Capsule Release Testing)
Presenter: Ahmed Ibrahim

  • USP methods of product assessment
  • Dissolution and disintegration
  • Data calculation and presentation