The following partners are contributing to the Tablets & Capsules Hands-On Short Course at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.

The participation of these partners helps us to bring state-of-the-art instruction and equipment to the course. This one-on-one instruction, combined with hands-on training from industry experts, provides one of the best ways to learn about tablet and capsule manufacturing.

American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Founded in 1986, the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) is a professional, scientific association of approximately 12,000 members employed in industry, academia, government, and other research institutes worldwide.
BUCHI BUCHI is a leading world-wide supplier in key technologies such as, spray drying, evaporation and separation for research laboratories as well as near infrared spectroscopy and distillation and extraction for quality control purposes.
Colorcon Founded on a commitment to technology, research and development, Colorcon provides best-in-class pharmaceutical products and services to support all phases of solid dose design and development, along with superior technical support dedicated to meeting our customers' needs. Colorcon's focus on market issues and technology development has earned the company an international reputation as a pharmaceutical supplier of choice based on superior product quality, unparalleled technical support, and extensive regulatory assistance.
FMC With more than 65 years of experience FMC BioPolymer is the leader in harnessing nature's renewable resources to create ingredients and technical solutions for the food ingredients, pharmaceutical, and biomedical markets.
Freund-Vector Corporation Freund-Vector Corporation is a global service provider and manufacturer of granulating, coating and drying equipment. Freund-Vector markets to the pharmaceutical, nutritional and related health care industries for processing powders, granules, and tablets. Freund-Vector's core products include Tablet Coaters (Pan Coaters), Fluid Beds, High Shear Granulators/Mixers, Roller Compactors, and the necessary support equipment required for a functional and effective processing system.
GEA Process Engineering
GEA Process Engineering is a member of the GEA Group, a global technology group specializing in process systems and solutions. Established in 1974, GEA Process Engineering is a full-service company offering engineering, systems, and solutions for powder and liquid processing. It is known for innovative processing systems for drying, granulation, agglomeration, coating, evaporation, distillation, crystallization, filtration, liquid processing, filling and aseptic filling, bottling, bottle and PET conveying systems, powder handling and packaging, tableting, mixing, containment, cleaning (CIP) and fermentation.
Hanson Research Corporation

Hanson Research Corporation is the longest-running engineering firm to specialize in dissolution and diffusion test technology and leads in the critical field of pharmaceutical quality assurance, helping to promote better healthcare worldwide. Founded in 1951 by the innovator of the world’s first dissolution tester, Hanson provides over half a century of research, service, and expertise in designing premium test equipment for QC and R&D labs in six continents worldwide.

InfraTrac InfraTrac® is a venture-backed start-up company founded to provide a new way to track and detect counterfeit drugs. Better than RFID and EPC, InfraTrac actually tags and tracks the drug itself, making it impossible for the counterfeiter to escape undetected.
LCI Logo LCI Corporation, formerly Luwa Corporation, was established in 1961 to provide specialized equipment and systems, along with highly skilled support, to the process industries. LCI Corporation's product offerings include two programs, each offering unique solutions to various segments of the process industries: the Evaporation, Drying & Modular Systems program which provides technologies for evaporation, drying, and filtration; and the Granulation program which provides technologies for extrusion, spheronization, feeding, and pelleting in the chemical industry.
Logo for Medelpharm Medelpharm is a specialist in the development, design, and manufacture of research and development (R&D) tablet presses for powder compression. This high-precision engineering company provides intelligent tablet press technology and software development solutions for powder analysis and formulation. Medelpharm focuses on continuous development of innovative research presses (hardware and software), compaction simulation of industrial production cycles, powder characterisation and formulation services, compression, and material science in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics markets.
Metrohm Metrohm manufactures high-precision laboratory and process instruments for R&D, QA/QC and general testing in titration, ion chromatography, near-infrared spectroscopy and electrochemistry. Pioneers in ion analysis since the 40s, we continually push the limits of technology to bring the best in workflow, user convenience, and budget-saving efficiency to our customers. With the best warranties and guarantees in the industry, we are dedicated to providing you with the best, most reliable and innovative instruments, supported by a service and applications staff well-versed in your applications and methods.
Micromeritics In business for over 50 years, Micromeritics is a leading supplier of materials characterization analytical laboratory instrumentation and services. The company manufactures a broad line of automated laboratory instruments that measure physical characteristics of powders and solids for fundamental research, product development, quality assurance and control, production, and process control applications. Measurements obtained include particle size, particle shape, surface area, pore volume, pore size and pore size distribution, material density, catalytic activity, and temperature-programmed reactions.
ROQUETTE, Offering the Best of Nature ROQUETTE, Offering the Best of Nature, is a global solution provider, enabling functional pharmaceutical excipients and pyrogen-free actives for outstanding formulations. Our long-standing expertise assures worldwide, consistent availability of innovative technologies and highest quality, multi-compendial, non GMO excipients like native, pregelatinized starches, cyclodextrins, mannitol, xylitol, sorbitol, maltitol, maltodextrins, proteins, soluble fiber, and specialized film-coating excipients.
Specialty Measurements, Inc. Established in 1982, Specialty Measurements Inc. is a technology driven Measurements Engineering Corporation dedicated to the science of precise measurements. SMI develops hardware, software, and solid dosage equipment for the pharmaceutical industry.
TA Instruments TA Instruments is the recognized world leader in thermal analysis, rheology, microcalorimetry and thermophysical properties measurement. Its reputation for high technology products, quality manufacturing and unbeatable after sales support is why more customers recommend TA products to their colleagues around the world. For more than 50 years, our instruments have been used by pharmaceutical scientists to solve the most demanding problems, relying on our high-sensitivity and resolution, unmatched accuracy and efficient automation. TA Instruments offers a complete line of thermal analysis and microcalorimetry instrumentation to address every calorimetric aspect of pharmaceutical analysis, from small-molecule characterization studies through protein binding and stability.