The intent of this section is to provide resources that will be useful for practitioners working primarily within the community sector. 

Medication Therapy Management
Medication therapy management (MTM) is provided by the Medicare Part D plan for individuals who are on multiple medications, have multiple medical conditions and spend a certain amount on medications per year.

These individuals may sit down with a pharmacist or other qualified provider to review their medications and assess if there are any medication related concerns, questions or possible problems.

– Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services, 423.153(d)

 National Resources
  • APhA/AMCP MTM Connections
    The Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) in collaboration with the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) has developed MTM Connections.  This resource provides an MTM Locator, where one can search through payer and pharmacist profiles.  It also houses an MTM Library, where one can search through resources and suggest relevant MTM resources.

  • Medication Therapy Management Central
     The MTM Central website provides resources for pharmacists involved in MTM services in a variety of care setting.  It provides links to APhA’s most up-to-date MTM resources, such as recent MTM news, the MTM Core Elements Toolkit, the APhA MTM Digest, the Pharmacist Clinical Services Performance Evaluation, and more.
  • Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Resources
     The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services provide a detailed description of the MTM programs that PartD sponsored plans should provide.  On this page there are links to documents, such as the 2011 PartD MTM Fact Sheet, information on 2012 MTM program submission, and a national MTM contact list.