• Medication Use Safety Training for Older Adults (MUST)
    This program is produced by the National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE).  The goal of MUST is to promote the safe and appropriate use of medications.  The website contains facts about medication use and older adults, the program dedicated medication safety, and additional resources.  The “Program Materials” link hosts all of the materials needed to provide the MUST for Seniors™ program, including presentation slides, videos, worksheets, and more.

  • Adult Medication: Improving Medication Adherence in Older Adults
    These resources, produced by the American Society of Aging and the American Society of Consulting Pharmacy, hosts a variety of tools and information relating to medication adherence and older adults.  It contains detailed information on factors that may impact to medication adherence, including condition-related factors, social and economic factors, and patient-related factors.  Some of the tools hosted here include the Functional Social Support Questionnaire (FSSQ), Readiness-to-Change Ruler, and more.  All tools are paired with instructions for use.

  • Script Your Future: Adherence Tools
    This website has many resources to help patients adhere to medication regimens and treatments.  Many of the tools may be disease state specific, including asthma and diabetes. The resource also includes a link to journal articles relating to medication adherence for health care professionals.
  • The 8-Item Morisky Medication Adherence Scale
    This tool, developed by Donald Morisky, is used to address and assess medication adherence.  It is a self-report tool consisting of eight different questions that can be graded to determine the level of medication adherence.
    • Reference: Morisky DE, Ang A, Krousel-Wood M, Ward H. Predictive Validity of a Medication Adherence
      Measure for Hypertension Control. Journal of Clinical Hypertension 2008; 10(5):348-354.