Becoming a Preceptor

Preceptors are full-time, part-time, or volunteer faculty or practitioners (usually pharmacists) who serve as practitioner-educators for the Experiential Learning Program (ELP).

Preceptors oversee students in introductory and advanced pharmacy practice experiences, which meet specific curricular outcomes. Exemplary preceptors are role model practitioners and effective teachers, who encourage self-directed learning with constructive feedback to student pharmacists.

We are looking for individuals who enjoy teaching, seek to give back to the profession, desire to share expertise, and may serve as student mentors.

Application Deadline Dates:

  • Applications received between Dec. 16 – Mar. 15
    Preliminary appointments on or about Mar. 31
  • Applications received between Mar. 16 – June 15
    Preliminary appointments on or about June 30
  • Applications received between June 16 – Sept. 15
    Preliminary appointments on or about Sept. 30
  • Applications received between Sept. 16 – Dec. 15
    Preliminary appointments on or about Jan. 5


To Apply, You Must:

  • Be available to precept students during the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic year. Please Note: To receive students for the upcoming year, you must apply by Dec. 15.
  • Have at least one year of experience in the field
  • Have a current Curriculum Vitae (CV), including job responsibilities, to upload with your application.
  • Have a current Pharmacist License to upload with your application.
  • Complete the online preceptor application. Please Note: You will need a “sign up code” to complete the application. Please enter the code that pertains to you.

Use the Applicable Code to Complete Your Preceptor Application

The online preceptor application is available to complete here. BE SURE TO USE THE APPLICABLE CODE TO ACCESS YOUR APPLICATION.

  • Johns Hopkins prospective preceptors, please enter the code JOHNSHOPKINS
  • International prospective preceptors, please enter the code INTERNATIONAL
  • All Other prospective preceptors, please enter the code PRECEPTORCODE

Please Note: Upon review of your application and supporting documents, if approved, you will receive a “preliminary” appointment via email with next steps. You must meet the following requirements to receive a full approval, “Clinical Faculty” appointment. The mandatory requirements are outlined below.

Next Steps and Mandatory Requirements to Receive a Preceptor "Clinical Faculty" Appointment:

  • Complete the FERPA requirement. This will be completed in CORE ELMS after preliminary approval.
  • Return social security number (SSN) form via email to or fax at (410) 706-0988. You will receive this form after preliminary approval.

Upon completing the preliminary requirements, you will receive an appointment letter via email within 30 days.