The PATIENTS Program is proud to share our 2023–2026 Strategic Plan.

This plan is the results of hours of interviews and feedback from key stakeholders, partners, and staff. The strategic plan plays an important role as it puts in writing our goals and objectives for the program. 

Goal 1. Expand status as leaders in continuous engagement science (Reputation and Presence) 

  • 1a. Minimum 30% of program participants from Baltimore for national activities
  • 1b. 75 engagement science events annually
  • 1c. 75% grants and contracts reflect engagement science
  • 1d. 250+ citations of PATIENTS Program annually (e.g. publications, media)
  • 1e. Establish continuous engagement research portfolio by 2025  

Goal 2. Portfolio reflects priorities of our partners and health equity (Partnerships and Targeted Portfolio Management)  

  • 2a. 60% of projects reflect priorities of partners  
  • 2b. 40% of projects reflect health equity 
  • 2c. 50% of partners’ annual priorities reflected in new proposals  

Goal 3. Utilize transparent governance and communication methods (Infrastructure)  

  • 3a. 100% of staff attend semi-annual training on best practices 
  • 3b. Activate new governing board in Q4 2023 
  • 3c. Develop and implement 2-3 strategies to engage governance members 

Goal 4. Increase the autonomy of the program (Sustainability)  

  • 4a. 65% of projects where PATIENTS is the prime 
  • 4b. 50% of project portfolio led by internal principal investigators other than the Executive Director 
  • 4c. 65% of PATIENTS Program’s salary and fringe comes from multi-year awards 
  • 4d. 20% increase in PATIENTS’ unrestricted funds 

Questions? Contact Michelle Medeiros, Director of Research, at