PharmD-MPH Program

Many pharmacy students benefit from knowledge of public health issues to better prepare them for health care careers.

PharmD students interested in participating in the PharmD/MPH dual degree program may apply for entrance to the MPH program during any one of their four professional years of their PharmD program. It is suggested that students enter the MPH program in their P2 year. Several options exist for students to complete this dual degree, depending on when they enter into the MPH program. 

Eligibility for application to the MPH degree requires concurrent enrollment in a professional school of the University of Maryland Baltimore. If PharmD students leave the PharmD program due to academic, disciplinary, or personal reasons, they will not be allowed to continue in the PharmD/MPH program. However, PharmD students may leave the MPH program and are able to complete the pharmacy program.

The MPH program is based in the School of Medicine's Department of Epidemiology & Public Health. The MPH degree requires 42 credits of coursework, including a capstone experience (minimum of 240 contact hours) on a supervised project related to their area of specialization. The PharmD program requires 145 credits, including 11 didactic elective credits. Pharmacy students may transfer six credits of MPH coursework to fulfill their PharmD elective requirement. The MPH program allows six transfer credits from pharmacy, as well. It may be possible to combine the MPH capstone experience with an elective advanced practice rotation, provided that the student has finished all required core and required concentration courses in the MPH.

Please note that enrolling in a dual degree program will extend your matriculation by at least one year or more.