The Department of Practice, Sciences, and Health Outcomes Research (P-SHOR) improves health care through innovation, collaboration, and advocacy to achieve excellence in pharmacy education, practice, and research.

Faculty and staff in the Department of Practice, Sciences, and Health Outcomes Research (P-SHOR) participate in multidisciplinary health care teams and research endeavors in settings throughout the state of Maryland, helping to pioneer new roles for pharmacists in outpatient clinics, hospital units, mental health institutions, skilled care facilities, and community pharmacies by applying their knowledge of disease and drug therapy.

Peter Lamy Center on Drug Therapy and Aging

The Lamy Center is dedicated to improving drug therapy for aging adults through innovative research, education, and clinical initiatives.

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PhD in Pharmaceutical Health Services Research

The PhD in PHSR program provides graduates with the theory, practical experience, and decision-making skills needed to address a wide range of pharmacy related problems.

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Faculty Research Interests
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