The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy's Strategic Plan (2016-2021) builds on the School's existing strengths to maintain its reputation as a leader in pharmacy education, scientific discovery, patient care, and community engagement across the state of Maryland and beyond.


  1. Attain national leadership in interprofessional education for pharmacy trainees
  2. Prepare all students and trainees to achieve their aspirational careers
  3. Be a global innovator of professional, graduate, and post-graduate pharmacy education


  1. Establish the school as a regional hub for interdisciplinary research
  2. Invest in established and emerging school research centers to enhance programmatic funding and research opportunities
  3. Expand and strengthen local, national, and global research partnerships with academic, governmental, and industry organizations


  1. Advance the scope of pharmacy practice within the state and on the national level
  2. Become the preeminent U.S. school for global and local practice experiences for students and patients
  3. Achieve recognition as a leading U.S. center for innovative and sustainable interprofessional practice opportunities
  4. Expand and strengthen population health practices within the Baltimore community and throughout the state


  1. Enhance school-student relationships so that graduates maintain lifelong involvement with the school as alumni
  2. Foster enduring stakeholder relationships to improve local, national, and global health outcomes
  3. Advance our community of faculty, staff, students, and trainees by providing an environment of collaboration, diversity, and mutual respect

Entrepreneurship ("Pharmapreneurship")

  1. Gain recognition as the premier entrepreneurial pharmacy school in the nation
  2. Drive commercial, instructional, research, clinical, and social entrepreneurial endeavors with innovative thinking