The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy’s 2022-2026 strategic plan provides a roadmap to reach major milestones over the next four years, enhancing the School’s community of scholars and learners and expanding its national and international reputation as a leader in pharmacy practice and research.

1. Community Theme

To develop and enhance collegial and long-lasting relationships among the School community, and expand engagement with valued patients, partners and stakeholders.

Strategic Objectives and SMART Goals for Community Theme:

  1.  Focus programming on the school's rich diversity of backgrounds and expertise
    1. By 2026, develop a quarterly seminar series that utilizes expertise of our faculty, staff, and alumni community, including at least one seminar annually that focuses on DEI initiatives.
  2. Develop enduring relationships with students, alumni, and key partners in the community
    1. Annually expand participation in RxIntersect events by alumni and students at mentoring engagements
    2. Implement at least one annual pharmacy and health-related program that serve community members in Baltimore, across the State of Maryland, and beyond

2. Practice Theme

To transform pharmacy practice by providing optimal pharmacy services and practice innovations.

Strategic Objectives and SMART Goals for Practice Theme:

  1. In collaboration with UMMS and various stakeholders, develop and sustain School of Pharmacy -community partnerships with a focus on access to health care to change the practice model of community and ambulatory pharmacy
    1. By 2026, create and test collaborative pilot projects and ventures with new business models of practice to transform the business model for pharmacy services in Maryland
    2. By 2026, train and develop faculty, staff, students and pharmacists through the community partnerships to advance the delivery and quality of patient care in community pharmacy and ambulatory care across Maryland
  2. Lead a campus-wide interprofessional digital health initiative by leveraging the SOP eHealth Center and other resources to define the future of patient care and research
    1. By 2026, implement Digital Health initiatives across education, practice, pharmapreneurship and research by garnishing expertise among all SOP/UMB stakeholders

3. Education Theme

To further develop current innovative student-centered educational approaches and expand educational offerings.

Strategic Objectives and SMART Goals for Education Theme:

  1. Enhance the PharmD program to optimize each individual student’s personal and professional success.
    1. By 2026, deliver a competency-based, equitable, and flexible curriculum that meets individual learner needs
    2. By 2026, create and implement an enhanced student success program
  2. Create and offer pharmapreneurial online workforce-driven and self-sustaining courses and programs.
    1. By 2026, design and deliver in-demand PharmD electives nationally
    2. By 2026, design and deliver in-demand masters and/or certificate programs

4. Pharmapreneurship Theme

To achieve national and international prominence as the premier school of pharmacy for Pharmapreneurship through partnerships and collaborations that enhance our instructional, research, clinical, and social pharmapreneurial endeavors.

Strategic Objectives and SMART Goals for Pharmapreneurship Theme:

  1.  Achieve national and international promotion of the exclusive Pharmapreneurship brand
    1. By 2026, establish new partnerships with nationally recognized entrepreneurial publications that promote our pharmapreneurship program
    2. By 2026, develop pharmapreneurship joint degree programs with three top institutions to increase the visibility of the program and attract outstanding student candidates
  2. Increase major gifts and private financial support for Pharmapreneurship activities at SOP
    1. By 2026, establish endowed fellowships within each of SOP’s three departments to further the education and experiences of students in pharmapreneurship

5. Research Theme

To deepen understanding of and discover solutions for complex problems through research excellence.

Strategic Objectives and SMART Goals for Research Theme:

  1. Accelerate research and innovation through basic research and translational sciences
    1. By 2026, establish a school-wide support system to expand the translation of basic science discoveries into products and ventures
    2. By 2026, establish 2 strategic partnerships to expand translational research across the T1-T4 research continuum
  2. Prioritize cross-departmental and cross-institutional collaborative interdisciplinary research
    1. By 2026, increase research collaborations between departments and schools across the University System of Maryland
    2. By 2026, initiate new integrated programs using digital technologies toward deeper understanding of biology, disease, patient outcomes and health disparities.