As the fourth oldest school of pharmacy in the United States, the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy leads pharmacy education, scientific discovery, patient care, and community engagement in the state of Maryland and beyond.

With an enrollment of approximately 989 PharmD, PhD, and MS students, the School of Pharmacy conducts cutting-edge research in drug delivery mechanisms, cost impact studies, basic drug discovery and development, and disease management. It engages in a wide range of professional practice activities, partnering with more than 200 community pharmacies, hospitals, nursing homes, and other agencies to provide services to citizens and practitioners around the State and across the nation.

One of the most intriguing aspects of our program is our diversity‌ - diversity in our students, faculty, and the opportunities that exist here.

Electives are an important part of our curriculum, allowing students to focus their pharmacy education on a specific area of interest. We are a top-ranked program, have a strong commitment to direct patient care, and instill a strong sense of leadership in our students. Our faculty are involved in practice and research in a variety of areas.

We have a high student retention rate because we make every effort to assist students with matriculation. We work very closely with our students and provide a great deal of support. Students are also assigned to working groups, which translates into a strong campus community.

For information about our program's graduation rates, NAPLEX pass rates, and employment trends, please visit the School's accreditation webpage.