The Bio- and Nano-technology Center creates a multidisciplinary research environment that provides expertise and fosters collaborations for the design, development, and use of nanosystems for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes.

The convergence of recent advances in nanotechnology with modern biology and medicine has created the new research domain of nanobiotechnology. The use of bio- and nano-technologies in medicine is termed nanomedicine. Nanomedicine research includes the development of diagnostics for rapid monitoring, targeted cancer therapies, localized drug delivery, improved cell material interactions, scaffolds for tissue engineering, and gene delivery systems.

The Bio- and Nano-technology Center at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy is the scientific collaborative dedicated to exploring and advancing the use of nanosystems in the delivery of bioactive agents for diagnosis and therapy. Targeted delivery improves patients’ lives by improving the safety and efficacy of therapeutics and diagnostics. Structures at the nanoscale (a billionth of a meter—not visible by microscopes—but larger than most drug molecules) provide a platform for localized delivery.

Our Vision

We improve health by enhancing the efficacy and safety of new and existing therapeutic and diagnostic agents through the discovery and application of innovative
nanosystems and devices.

Our Strategic Goals

  • Design, develop, and evaluate nanostructures for the delivery of therapeutic and diagnostic agents
  • Facilitate the translation of promising delivery systems to clinical research
  • Foster new and ongoing collaborative projects
  • Recruit experts in nanomedicine research and enhance infrastructure
  • Provide training in the emerging multidisciplinary field of nanomedicine