The objective of the MS in Pharmacometrics program is to allow current professionals to acquire skills and knowledge to plan, perform, and interpret pharmacometric analyses with the goal of influencing key drug development, regulatory, and therapeutic decisions.

The program offers theoretical and applied technical knowledge together with necessary business skills tailored for the pharmaceutical sector. All courses will follow case-based study and teaching.

What's In It For Me?

Graduates of the MS in Pharmacometrics program will be highly sought after by pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies, and other research organizations. Given the tremendous growth potential of the field of pharmacometrics, graduates of this program will also see accelerated professional growth. The program equips scientists to interact with interdisciplinary teams more effectively and provides them with the tool kit needed to perform independent research.

Who Should Apply?

Professionals with bachelor's, master's or doctoral degrees with some experience in medical product development who aspire to transform into decision-making pharmacometricians or quantitative translational scientists should apply. The program is designed for professionals with full- or part-time jobs in areas such as pharmacology, engineering, statistics, pharmaceutical sciences, and epidemiology. All classes will be held online.