Exclusive to the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, pharmapreneurship® describes the School's commitment to supporting and best positioning both faculty and students to achieve their career aspirations and address our nation's health care challenges.

As the fourth oldest school of pharmacy in the United States, our School in a national and global leader in pharmacy education, scientific discovery, patient care, and community engagement. We refer to our pharmacy entrepreneurs as “pharmapreneurs.” They employ various strategies and skills across practice, sciences, health outcomes research, and pharmaceutical sciences, including:

  • Innovating new products, services, or processes
  • Continuously improving processes
  • Exploring new avenues
  • Embracing technological innovation
  • Utilizing business intelligence
  • Developing future products and services
  • Optimizing talent management

Through cutting-edge research initiatives and innovative clinical services, we create an exceptional environment that fosters and values pharmapreneurship among faculty and students.

What is Pharmapreneurism?

Watch this four-minute video to learn more about pharmapreneurism at the School of Pharmacy, and how this innovative initiative is being used to advance pharmacy education, scientific discovery, patient care, and community engagement across the state of Maryland and beyond.