The Patients, Pharmacists Partnerships (P3) Program® is an effective solution to patient-centered health education and chronic disease self-management.

The P3 Program® began in 2006 with one employer in Western Maryland and has since expanded to many self-insured employers across the region. Through this program, specially trained pharmacist coaches apply a model of care that provides step-by-step guidance in medication adherence, lifestyle changes, and self-care skills. Through a dynamic partnership, the P3 Program® provides a growing number of employers assistance in improving their employees' health management skills. The P3 Program® has served hundreds of patients in the mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland.

The P3 Program® collaboration involves the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, the Maryland Pharmacists Association, the Maryland General Assembly, and the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. The Center for Innovative Pharmacy Solutions at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy coordinates the partnership and trains licensed pharmacists working in the P3 Pharmacist Network. Currently, the P3 Program® serves six self-insured employers in Maryland and Virginia.

The P3 Program® team translates research findings into practical knowledge for individuals with chronic diseases -- an important step to improving health outcomes through pharmacotherapy adherence.