In today's world, research into pharmaceutical innovations is conducted in silos. The field of translational medicine and the Center for Translational Medicine (CTM) at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy aim to eliminate these silos and integrate information across development platforms.

About the Center for Translational Medicine

Watch this two-minute video for a comprehensive overview of the Center for Translational Medicine at the School of Pharmacy, including interviews with the center's leadership.

The Center for Translational Medicine (CTM) is part of the Department of Practice, Sciences, and Health Outcomes Research at the School of Pharmacy.

It aims to eliminate the silos in which research into pharmaceutical innovations is conducted in the following ways:

  • Using its unique ability to employ advanced and innovative analyses to create intelligence from information, the CTM analyzes and summarizes data from experiments and clinical trials using quantitative disease, drug, and trial models.
  • These quantitative models, along with cutting-edge development techniques such as adaptive and enrichment trials, are integrated into tools that drug developers, regulatory agencies, and other research organizations can use to guide decisions pertaining to "go/no-go", dosage, patient population, design, endpoint, analyses, and therapeutics choices.

The CTM also works with leaders in the field of translational medicine to further their education and develop their skills in order to foster innovation in medical product development.

For More Information:

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