For the convenience of our users, PRC provides secure remote access, backup, and archives of client data and project files.

PRC Equipment

Data is stored on disks using RAID and ZFS to increase the reliability and performance of the system. Daily partial backups are performed automatically. Monthly full backups are completed manually and are copied off-site.

PRC's server environment is behind redundant bidirectional firewalls. The center has implemented procedures and guidelines to protect data maintained on its servers.

Easy Access
The Linux server uses Samba and Network File System to provide a data storage area that is seamlessly available to both the PCs and the Sun server. Remote access to the servers is achieved through the use of Secure Shell Protocol (SSH).

Flexibility in Data Input and Archiving
PRC's computer system can input and archive data in multiple types of media: CD, DVD, and external hard drives.

On-Site Professional Help
A system administrator is located on the premises during regular business hours to assist with system-related questions.

Data Access and Security Measures
PRC has implemented procedures to comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) regulations and maintain data confidentiality. All users must sign confidentiality forms before accessing data. Only personnel authorized by principal investigators have access to data. Download PRC's Good Research Practices and Data Security document for more information.