Please follow the directions below to add multiple calls on conference phones at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.

During an ongoing call:

  1. Press the CONF button.

    If you prefer, you can press the HOLD soft key first, and then the CONF button. Either way, your original call is put on hold. Important: If you have already connected as many parties as your system can support, then pressing CONF will drop the last party you connected. (This response is a function of how your phone company or PBX works, not the SoundStation VTX 1000.)
  2. At the dial tone, enter the next party’s phone number.

    Only conventional dialing is supported for added calls. Redial, Speed Dial, and dialing from the Phone Book are unavailable.
  3. When the next party has answered, press the CONF button again, or the JOIN soft key to join all the calls, so all parties can hear and speak to each other.