Below are the basic instructions for adding, moving, or disposing of computer equipment within the School of Pharmacy. CNS' involvement may vary by department but changes to the inventory must be communicated to keep the inventory system accurate.

What Gets Inventoried?

UMB and the School of Pharmacy manage three types of inventory:

  • Capital (items more than $5000)
  • Non-Capital Assets (NCA-items between $1000 and $5000 with a minimum useful life of one year)
  • Designated Non-Capital Assets (DNCA-Laptops; Tablets; Audio Visual equipment; NCAs located in a residence). 

The School of Pharmacy and its academic departments will inventory and track all equipment, purchased with University funds, with a purchase price of $1000 or greater. In addition, any equipment costing less than $1000 that can reasonably be described as a computer, including iPads, tablets, etc., but currently excluding smartphones, will also be inventoried and tracked.

All equipment to be inventoried must be tagged with a School of Pharmacy inventory tag. Capital asset tags will be added in addition for capital equipment purchases.

This flowchart shows the process.

Adding Equipment to Our Inventory

  1. Tag the equipment and submit the new equipment details. An email and work ticket will be created for use for entry into the inventory system.
  2. Send a separate email to if the new equipment needs to be set up. A separate work ticket will also be created.

Moving Inventoried Equipment

If you are moving this equipment without CNS assistance, you must complete an equipment transfer notification.

If CNS is helping you move this equipment, we will update the inventory record for you.

Disposing of Inventoried Equipment

  1. Submit an inventory disposal request to CNS. A work ticket will be created.
  2. If the equipment has a hard drive or SSD (solid state drive) that needs to be erased, CNS will pick up the equipment, erase it, and file an Excess Property Declaration for you. No further action is needed.
  3. Otherwise, you will need to submit an Excess Property Declaration yourself. The campus will pick up the equipment directly.

Disposing of Non-Inventoried Equipment

Submit an Excess Property Declaration to have the campus pick up the equipment.

Further Questions?

Please email all questions concerning School or departmental inventory to