The SOP Office of Finance oversees all activities related to State and University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation (UMBF) accounts, as well as general budget management, for the Dean’s Office at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.

Please contact them if you have questions about State or UMBF accounts, budget management, payment processing, procurement, or reimbursements.

Meet Our Team
Robert Karrs Headshot  Robert Karrs

Phone: (410) 706-2377

Job Responsibilities: Reconciliation of accounts, disbursements, financial projections, and budgets.
Monique Manning Headshot Monique Manning
Business Analyst

Phone: (410) 706-8156

Job Responsibilities: General department management, UMBF disbursements and endowments, and scholarships.
Shauna Guest Headshot  Shauna Guest
Financial Analyst

Phone: (410) 706-2964

Job Responsibilities: Reconciliation of state accounts, ProCard, and travel.
  Yevgeniya (Jenny) Giller
Senior Accountant

Phone: (410) 706-4166

Job Responsibilities: Budgets, institutional reporting, and administration and finance.