Facilities Event Set-Up and Assistance

Faculty, students, and staff at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy (SOP) who would like to have furniture removed or rearranged as part of an event should fill out the Event Setup Information Form. If approved, the Dean’s Office will create a work order with the campus movers to remove/rearrange the furniture, as well as to return it to its original layout when the event is over.

You should be aware that occasionally, with little notice, the campus may be short-staffed and unable to provide services. The School has a part-time employee who can provide these services on a back-up basis, but only if he is scheduled to work on the day of the event. If you are uncomfortable with this possibility, we recommend hiring an outside moving company. This must be approved by the School of Pharmacy's Facilities Office.

If you would like to meet in advance of an event in order to discuss logistics, please schedule an appointment with the Dean's Suite.

To allow for maximum usage of School facilities by SOP students, faculty, and staff, rearrangement of furniture in the Pharmacy Hall Atrium for non-SOP users is not permitted. Only the senior associate dean can make exceptions to the policy set by the School. We recommend that non-SOP users who need special accommodations use the UMB SMC Campus Center. Arrangements can be made there by contacting Meghan Codey at 410-706-3782.

Additional Resources for Events

Campus General Services can provide tables and chairs for dining for a fee. Please contact Meghan Codey at 410-706-3782 for more information.

SOP has 14 poster boards in-house. Additional poster boards can be obtained by contacting Celeste Gerhart of the Graduate School at 410-706-6794.