The School of Pharmacy Information Network System (SPIN) system is a digital signage communication tool used to share news, events and information across the School.

The SPIN system consists of several screens that rotate multiple PowerPoint slides. The screens are currently located in Pharmacy Hall, the 5th floor lounge area of HSFII, and the 12th floor of the Saratoga building. All screens display the same series of slides.

How to Submit A Slide:

The School of Pharmacy encourages faculty, staff, students, and the campus community to use the system to increase communication across our campus. Follow the steps listed below to get your news item posted to the SPIN screens:

  1. Download the SPIN Slide Template.
  2. Enter your content onto the template.
  3. Faculty and staff should e-mail the new slide to
  4. Students must have their SPIN slides approved by the historian of the Student Government Association, who will then submit the slides on their behalf.

The dimensions of the slide should be 1920x1080 pixels. All submissions are subject to editing. Every effort will be made to post submissions within 24 hours. You will be notified if there is a problem with your submission. When appropriate, the user can also submit their event to the School's Web calendar as well.

How to Create Effective Slides:

  • Make your text 26 points or larger. Smaller text is hard for people to scan quickly. If you have a lot of text that you're having trouble fitting on one slide, think about splitting it up among several slides.
  • Use no more than two images on a single slide. Make sure images are sized to be easily seen on the screen.
  • Looking for a headshot of a School of Pharmacy student, staff member, or faculty member? Our online directory provides you with access to photos once you log in.
  • Do not include the School of Pharmacy logo; it is already displayed on the screen.

SPIN Template:

This optional PowerPoint template has been created to aid you in submitting information for SPIN slides. This template can be used to avoid formatting issues specific to the SPIN system.