Researchers using the NMR Facility and its instruments must abide by the following policies.

General Policies:

  • All users must be authorized and trained by the facility manager.
  • Users are responsible for archival and storage of their data; the facility does not provide back-up of data.
  • Do not bring food or beverages at or near the spectrometers or workstations.
  • Contact the NMR Manager immediately if a sample breaks in a magnet to allow the probe to be properly cleaned. This will minimize probe damage from the solvent and sample.
  • Do not use chipped or cracked NMR tubes. The NMR lab does not provide solvents or NMR tubes for your NMR use.
  • Repairs of damage to probes, or other equipment, arising from user error will be paid for by the user group.
  • Please recognize the NMR Facility and the efforts of its staff in any publications or grants resulting from, or made possible by, the work performed here.


NMR times are scheduled in advance. Please contact the facility manager, Kellie Hom, PhD, at (410) 706-3118 or to schedule an appointment to use the facility and its instruments. Users who repeatedly fail to use the facility during their assigned time slots may lose the privilege to operate its instruments.