Awards presented to students in the PhD in Pharmaceutical Health Services Research (PHSR) program are listed below.

The Arthur Schwartz Memorial Scholarship

As the first student admitted to the PhD in PHSR program, Arthur (Artie) Schwartz showed great interest in drug use and pharmaceutical marketing issues. Established in his honor, the Arthur Schwartz Memorial Scholarship provides funding for future students in the program based on academic standing and financial need.

  • 2013-2014     Mehmet Burcu & Xinyi Ng
  • 2012-2013     Candice Yong
  • 2011-2012     Sarah Dutcher
  • 2010-2011     J. Sammy Shoemaker
  • 2009-2010     Hui-wen Keri Yang

The Donald O. Fedder Memorial Fellowship

Donald Fedder, DrPH, MPH, BSP, FAPhA, a public health pharmacist and long-time School of Pharmacy faculty member, forged the path for the inclusion of professional pharmacy in public health and brought national attention to the importance of patient behaviors and chronic disease management. Established in his honor, the Donald O. Fedder Memorial Fellowship supports the training and development of a graduate student whose work focuses on social justice, pharmacy advocacy, or public health.

  • 2013-2014     Abdalla M. Aly & Viktor V. Chirikov
  • 2012-2013     Lauren Wagner
  • 2011-2012     Michelle Campbell