There are a number of benefits available to students who enroll in the Pharmaceutical Health Services Research (PHSR) doctoral program.

  • Competitive fully funded financial support, including annual stipend of $32,250/$33,325 (post-candidacy), tuition remission, health insurance, and student fees. The total support is valued at over $46,000.
  • Selective Program with 12 faculty, eight post-doctoral fellows, and 35 graduate students.
  • Research atmosphere is highly collegial, complementary, and collaborative.
  • Prime Location in the fourth largest biotechnology hub in the United States. Campus is also located close to NIH, CMS, FDA, and other research institutes and universities.
  • Fellowships and awards continuously presented to students, including:
    • American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education (AFPE) Fellowships
    • NIH (NRSA) Pre-Doctoral Fellowships
  • Travel support available for conferences where student presentations are accepted for presentation
  • Strong industry interactions, including student internships.