The Peter Lamy Center on Drug Therapy and Aging, in partnership with the state of Maryland, is committed to promoting the appropriate use of antimicrobials in long-term care and nursing facilities across the state.

Maryland has some of the highest rates of antibiotic resistant infections in the United States. Preventing antibiotic resistance in Maryland's health care settings is a national and state public health priority.

To help address this challenge, the Peter Lamy Center on Drug Therapy and Aging at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy is partnering with health officials across the state of Maryland to develop a selection of new programs, trainings, and other educational opportunities that aim to promote antimicrobial stewardship among health care professionals at long-term care and nursing facilities.

CDC Core Elements for Antimicrobial Stewardship in Long-Term Care Facilities

Watch this four-minute video featuring Sarah Kabbani, MD, MSc, medical officer in the Office of Antibiotic Stewardship at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as she discusses the need for comprehensive antibiotic stewardship programs in long-term care facilities.

Key Program Elements:

The antimicrobial stewardship program developed by the Peter Lamy Center for Drug Therapy and Aging is comprised of four elements:

  1. Antimicrobial Stewardship Summit: A one-day educational summit for consultant pharmacists, directors of nursing, medical directors, long-term care administrators, and other infection preventionists.

  2. Targeted Education Interventions: Trainings for consultant pharmacists and other health care professionals who will work directly with long-term care providers and families.

  3. Patient Safety Toolkit: Toolkit for health care providers aimed at preventing adverse drug events.

  4. Marketing and Engagement: Activities to increase awareness and involvement of antimicrobial stewardship among long-term care providers.
Antibiotic Stewardship in Nursing Homes: How You Can Prevent Antibiotic Resistance

Nursing home staff, residents, and families can reduce antibiotic resistance by prescribing or using antibiotics only when they are needed. This short video produced by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) provides information on when antibiotics are needed and not needed, and how inappropriate antibiotic use can harm patients.

Explore Antimicrobial Stewardship Resources

The experts at the Peter Lamy Center on Drug Therapy and Aging have put together a comprehensive list of resources to help health care professionals combat antibiotic resistance in long-term care facilities.

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Partners in the Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance:

The Peter Lamy Center on Drug Therapy and Aging has partnered with the Maryland Department of Health in the creation of this antimicrobial stewardship program.

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