Thank you for your interest in attending Advanced Methods in CER-PCOR: The 10-Step Framework as Our Advanced Methods Roadmap. Information about registering for this event is provided below.

Program Objectives:

Participants in the program can expect to achieve the following learning objectives:

  1. Clearly articulate the methods, findings, implications, and value of CER-PCOR.
  2. Describe current and emerging practices for engaging patients and stakeholders in CER-PCOR.
  3. Apply research methods to assess or design two or more CER-PCOR studies.
  4. Discuss the role of the patients and other stakeholders when identifying relevant outcomes.
  5. Utilize dissemination and implementation strategies for effective delivery and adoption of CER-PCOR findings.

Prerequisites to Attend:

Knowledge of the fundamentals of CER-PCOR is considered a prerequisite. Participants are expected to already have a background in CER-PCOR and/or participated in the 2015 CER-PCOR Summer Institute. Those who require pre-requisite training are strongly encouraged to enroll in Engaging in CER-PCOR: Beginner Series, our online series based on the 2015 CER-PCOR Summer Institute.

How to Register:

Individuals interested in attending Advanced Methods in CER-PCOR: The 10-Step Framework as Our Advanced Methods Roadmap can select the appropriate registration link below to enroll.

UMB Faculty
and Staff
(ID Required)
Registration Only $249 $899 $149 $149
Registration with Online Series* $498 $1,248 $398 $398 (Early Bird Rate Remains In Effect)

* This registration option covers costs for both the five-hour online training (Engaging in CER-PCOR: Beginner Series and the event scheduled for August 9-11, 2016.

Patient advocacy groups are encouraged to call (410) 706-0009 or email for pricing and scholarship options.

Other attendees can save $100 with early bird registration. Deadline for early bird registration is Friday, July 20.