University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

Main Operator 410.706.7650
Main Fax 410.706.4012

Academic Programs

PharmD Admissions and Student Affairs 410.706.7653
Pharmaceutical Health Services Research Graduate Program 410.706.7613
Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program 410.706.0760

Academic Departments

Pharmaceutical Health Services Research 410.706.7613
Pharmaceutical Sciences 410.706.7515
Pharmacy Practice and Science 410.706.7338

School-Based Centers

Center for Innovative Pharmacy Services 410.706.7338
Center for Drugs and Public Policy 410.706.0133
Clinical Pharmacology Unit 410.706.6522
Computer Aided Drug Delivery Center 410.706.7442
Maryland P3 Program 410.706.6067
Maryland Poison Center
Maryland Poison Center
Mental Health Program 410.706.1768
Center for Nanobiotechnology 410.706.1702
The Peter Lamy Center for Drug Therapy and Aging 410.706.2434
Office of Substance Abuse Studies 410.706.7513
Pharmaceutical Research Computing 410.706.1753

Other Programs and Services

School of Pharmacy Dean's Office 410.706.7651
Experiential Learning Program 410.706.7118
Facility and Laboratory Services 410.706.6248
Pharmacy Technician Program (UMMS) 410.328.5650

University of Maryland, Founding Campus Offices

Registrar's Office 410.706.7480
Graduate School 410.706.7132
Financial Aid 410.706.7347