University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

Main Operator 410-706-7650
Main Fax 410-706-4012

Academic Programs

PharmD Admissions and Student Affairs 410-706-7653
Pharmaceutical Health Services Research Graduate Program 410-706-7613
Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program 410-706-0760

Academic Departments

Pharmaceutical Sciences 410-706-7515
Practice, Sciences, and Health Outcomes Research 410-706-4332

School-Based Centers

Center for Innovative Pharmacy Services 410-706-7338
Center for Drugs and Public Policy 410-706-0133
Clinical Pharmacology Unit 410-706-6522
Computer Aided Drug Delivery Center 410-706-7442
Maryland P3 Program 410-706-6067
Maryland Poison Center (Emergencies) 800-222-1222
Maryland Poison Center (Office) 410-706-7604
Mental Health Program 410-706-1768
Center for Nanobiotechnology 410-706-1702
The Peter Lamy Center for Drug Therapy and Aging 410-706.-434
Office of Substance Abuse Studies 410-706-7513
Pharmaceutical Research Computing 410-706-1753

Other Programs and Services

School of Pharmacy Dean's Office 410-706-7651
Experiential Learning Program 410-706-7118
Facility and Laboratory Services 410-706-6248
Pharmacy Technician Program (UMMS) 410-328-5650

University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus Offices

Registrar's Office 410-706-7480
Graduate School 410-706-7132
Financial Aid 410-706-7347