The P3 Program® at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy began in 2006, with one rural employer in Western Maryland, and then quickly expanded to provide care to other self-insured employers across the region and beyond.

The P3 Program was first offered as a voluntary “opt-in” benefit by self-insured employers across the states of Maryland and Virginia to their covered employees and dependents as part of their employer's health benefit package. It was designed to address the health care system's growing pressure on patients, who are often left to manage their chronic diseases and to administer their medication regimens.

The P3 Program was modeled after the successful Asheville Project, a program implemented by self-insured employers to provide education, coaching, and personal oversight for employees with chronic health problems.

The program has since expanded to include several partners and different care models, including care transitions, chronic disease state management, and medication therapy management.

Current P3 Program patients and providers can be found in the following states: Maryland, California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana,  Louisiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Map of the United States with several states colored in red to show where P3 Program providers are located.